Mission Statement    

We endeavour to seek out the truth, in an objective and scientific manner. The truth should be subjected to repeatable measured experimentation observation and investigation. 

  • We acknowledge that there is one universal truth throughout the universe and    that this universal truth is rooted in love.
  • We believe that all sentient beings, who have the power of free will and individual cognitive thought, also have the right to know the truth in all its forms.  
  • We strive to reveal and illuminate the truth to all who will listen so as to enrich, empower, and set individuals free  from the deception of all that is untrue. 
  • We proclaim that all peoples are invaluable, worthy, eternal and powerful. All persons have the right to know the truth, no matter how overwhelming that truth may be. 
  • We resist and expose all attempts at concealing the truth by malevolent forces and or persons who intend to harm,deceive, manipulate, indoctrinate and enslave individuals for their own venal purposes. 
  • We aspire to be more than what we are by yielding to the revelation and knowledge of the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.