Piercing The Veil Part 2

This presentation was given at the Truthseekers meeting in Johannesburg South Africa. We spoke about CERN: the LHC in Switzerland and explored the possibility of CERN being able to open a portal to alternate realities.

We also looked at the importance of Saturn and that CERN is being used to open a portal to allow entities from 5D Saturn to penetrate into our 3D earth realm.

A natural portal on Mount Graham Arizona is venerated by the Navajo tribe. Entities have been visiting earth for time immemorial.

The role of CERN’s LHC and its search for a portal. CERN is an Alchemical machine able to transfrom and manipulate both time and space.

We live in an artificial matrix like world controlled by the energy of Saturn. Parallel universes have been scientifically proven to exist. We have visited these worlds and have received vital information about our future.

14 January 2023