Return To The Garden Of Eden

Reconnecting with the divine through the creative force of sex.

The Force that Powers all Creation, on all levels of existence is the Sexual Energy of Jehovah Elohim.

This presentation will be held at the Theosophical Society in Johannesburg and Pretoria, to show the spiritual dimension of sexuality which when used correctly unleashes the creative force  of the Divine Eminence that resides in all of us.

This truth is a revelation of the ancient arcanum: The Secret Doctrine

There is a secret universal doctrine at the base of every great religion. We will point out the similarities of various religions and show they all proclaim the same basic message (one light many lamps). A chosen few were initiated into the great universal truth (the bearers of truth). This universal truth has been hidden from the public through symbols and stories that only the elect can decipher and interpret

All religions are special jewels on the golden string of divinity

The various religions are all showing us a map (a key) to guide us into direct experiential knowledge with the Divine (union with the Divine). The Tree in the Genesis story is a map of man and of the cosmos. Jacob’s ladder shows us a path to enlightenment that only the pure of heart (few) will find and walk in. There are angels (messengers) that the chosen will encounter who will guided them on this path

There is a surface message in the bible for the public and there is a deeper message for the elect few. To understand the Pentateuch we need to understand its author: Moses who was influenced by Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Judaic traditions. Christianity has rejected the deeper inner knowledge of the bible and has persecuted those who propagated the inner knowledge. Ignorant men with no knowledge of the inner knowledge have repeatedly edited (watered down) the truth out of the bible.

The original Hebrew language in which scripture was written holds a deep profound message. The Hebrew language conceals the true nature of God as being androgynous and plural (gods). Humans and angels are androgynous like God. The true name of God is: Jehovah Elohim

12 September 2021
Theosophical Society Pta and Jhb