Saturn And The Black Cube

The black cube of Saturn is the most esoteric symbol that explains the dark arts. The black cube is a symbol of the planets Saturn as well as the god of Saturn. Saturn is an all pervading energy. Saturn is an inhibiting (constricting) force (energy). The holographic matrix of illusion that consists of the 3D plane of existence is the realm in which we as humans at this time live in. In many respects the cube of illusion is a prison (the prison of the mind). In this presentation we will look exhaustively at the meaning of the cube. we will look at what the cube means to different people around the world.

There is a strong tie between the cube and monotheistic religions. All three of the monotheistic religions worship and serve the cube of Saturn. We will also look at the structure and dimensions (geometry) of the cube to explore its secrets. To understand the meaning of the cube is the first step in unlocking the secrets of the cube and to find the way of escape out of the cube prison

05 February 2023
Theosophical Society Pta