The Saturn Stargate

The 3D artificial matrix world we live in, is not the only reality.

There is a way of escape out of the cube of the Demiurge. Located on the north pole of Saturn is a stargate (portal), [the door of Daath] to higher dimensions. We will look at the Masonic tracing board which is a symbolic representation of this stargate.

This three pillar symbolism holds the secret to understanding the structure and tapestry of the universe. Your journey to other worlds has just begun.

We will also look at esoteric movies likeThe Boxthat portrays the Saturn stargate and the wormhole one travels through to escape the matrix. other movies that hold important symbology in this regard is Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 movie “2001 a Space Odyssey” as well as the Movie “Passengers” 2016 with Chris Patt and Jennifer Lawrence. These movies also portray the infamouskeyholesymbol that is tied to the Saturn stargate

12 March 2023
Theosophical Society Pta