KAren Swain Live

Karen is a teacher of Deliberate Creation, Channel, Medium who teaches how to live a creatively conscious life. KAren has enlightened conversations with other teachers, experiencers and healers on ATP Media, to help you on your spiritual journey awaken to your own unique abilities, to know how to live a deliberate life expanding consciousness, spreading love, wisdom, spiritual knowledge & Joy. KAren channels spiritual knowledge from her guides Blissful Beings who teach from a broader perspective, to ignite a unified vision, reclaim your interconnectedness, shift your limiting perspectives and reawaken a deeper understanding of the world within you & around you. We wish to remind you of who you truly are, to see the world as part of your creation and your spiritual journey. We so enjoy sharing how to be Powerful Deliberate Creators. We love to hear from you and appreciate any comments you wish to share with us 16 May 2023





16 May 2023
TruthSeekers live