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Love Transcends Dimensions

Paradigm Shift

The inevitability of change

On a personal level many of us are undergoing huge changes in our day to day lives. The volatility and agitation of the socio-economic realm is causing much strain and tension physically, mentally and spiritually on us.

The universe is asking, no demanding of us to change, to progress, to transform to a higher vibration, to develop a higher consciousness and to exist on a high plane of awareness.  To achieve this change, we will need to become far more disciplined and focused in our daily lives. Sadly many are not going to be able to make the change and will fall along the wayside. This also is part of nature. Everything that has a beginning must also have an ending. The world as we now know it, is coming to an end and a new far more serendipitous world awaits us over the next horizon.

With all this change happening it is vital to look within. To center oneself. Breath in the new and breath out the old. You are the fire in the mountain. No matter what wild changes, storms take place on the outside it will not affect the fire within

Living Life in the Now

Universal Truth
We acknowledge that there is one universal truth throughout the universe and that this universal truth is rooted in love
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Free Will
We believe that all sentient beings, who have the power of free will and individual cognitive thought, also have the right to know the truth in all its forms
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Illumination Of Truth
We strive to reveal and illuminate the truth to all who will listen so as to enrich, empower, and set individuals free from the deception of all that is untrue.
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Access to Truth
We resist and expose all attempts at concealing the truth by malevolent forces and or persons who intend to harm, deceive, manipulate, indoctrinate and enslave individuals for their own venal purposes.
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We Aspire to be More
We aspire to be more than what we are by yielding to the revelation and knowledge of the truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
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The Value Of Man
We proclaim that all peoples are invaluable, worthy, eternal and powerful. All persons have the right to know the truth, no matter how overwhelming that truth may be.
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Your Purpose in the New Paradigm

Alternative Media on the Increase

Live Long and Prosper