Piercing The Veil Part 1

In this presentation we look at the term “Piercing the Veil” which is a Jewish biblical term meaning to “pierce” through the veil that separates the holy place from the most holy place in the Jewish temple. In an esoteric sense the term refers to transcending the barrier between the physical and spiritual planes. Entering the cube space of the most holy place is entering the merkaba, ie. The Ark of the Covenant. It is a transportation device that transports one to higher dimensions.  The merkaba creates a portal that uses a beam of light to transport a human body to higher realms of existence. We also looked at “three pillar symbolism” that is mainly found in freemasonry. The yellow (gold) pillar in the center is a representation of the portal that is the beam of light ie Jacob’s ladder that is the way of escape out of the physical 3D matrix .

The music and movie world is full of symbology that alludes to portals and ways of escaping this reality. 

22 October 2023