The New Mystics with Joey Madia

Joey Madia from the New Mystics was interviewed by the Truthseekers. Joey shared with us a UFO encounter and possible abduction that Joey and his wife experienced while traveling at night in a remote area near Pittsburgh. During the incident they also experienced a missing time situation. He also discussed the link between the UFO phenomena and spirituality. The fake alien invasion and the government’s attempts to disclose the existence of UFOs was also discussed. Joey Madia Autobiography I was a born a Navy brat (Rota, Spain 1968), my dad a Chief Petty Officer and cryptographer in the Naval Security Group. I guess being born near the ocean put salt in my blood because no matter where I live I am always happiest near the water, where the constant renewal and spiritual power of the ocean remind me that awesome beauty and horrific destruction come from the same source. The New Mystics UFO Agenda is the major issue of our time. Why are “they” here? Keep in mind that there are myriad of different species that visit and or that have lived among us for thousands of years.The real agenda and purpose of “them” being here is what government agencies (FBI CIA NSA) are trying to keep hidden from the population, because it threatens their position and power over us.Most ETs are benevolent and not malevolent.

A new world is coming. Its going to change our lives and our world beyond anything we have ever dreamed. A door is being open for the human race. A time has come where we are reaching the end of a cycle. The kind companioned awakens conscious companionate human being is facing a future to an inline reality out there

10 June 2023