The Sentient Cosmos

Scientists have been trying to find a single principle that explains the functioning and balance of the universe. Quantum research has discovered the principle, is consciousness. Consciousness alters how the universe manifests and behaves. Consciousness is the theory of everything. 

Tao (the Way) The origin of the universe. Everything in the universe came from the Tao, and when something disappears, it’s energy (or qi) goes back to the Tao to be absorbed and re-birthed in a different form.

The Archons: Human beings are simply pawns in a great game being played by alien minds, which control mankind’s every move.These alien minds come from another universe, one with five dimensions. These super-intelligent entities are so different from us that to apprehend them or to describe them in human terms is impossible. They have been here for countless eons and they have probably controlled the evolution of Homo-sapiens. All of what man has built and become was accomplished because of the ‘tinkering’ of these intelligent forces.

12 February 2023
Theosophical Society Pta TruthSeekers