The Truman Show Movie Review

Do we live in an artificial world?
Is Big Brother watching you?
Are we slaves of fate?
Is there a way of escape
out of the 3D prison?

Truman Burbank played by Jim Carrey was adopted by a Hollywood corporation led by director Christof. From childhood Truman was placed in an artificial world as part of a live T.V. show. The whole world was privy to the life of Truman.  Shaped like a dome this studio filled with hidden cameras and actors pretending to be his friends and family became the only home that Truman knew. Truman truly believes he is an ordinary man living an ordinary life and has no idea that there is a much bigger real world beyond his fake world.

This 1998 satirical science fiction film is still studied and researched today as one of the most intriguing films to ever hit the big screen. We will look at the psychological implications of been raised in a controlled and orchestrated environment.

Are we, like Truman being surveyed by advanced beings who created us and placed us in a matrix like world to study and observe us like ants in a glass ant farm?

20 April 2023
Theosophical Society Pta