The Worship Of Aliens

Exotheology: “The spiritual phenomenon and religiosity arising from a belief in extraterrestrial beings” Why does man worship god? Why do people have a need for a saviour? What is the religion of Aliens?

There are those who perceive aliens as gods who are to be worshiped. They believe that the aliens will eventually come and bring salvation to the people’s of the earth. With the technology of Aliens a utopian society will be born. Is their a danger in this belief system? Are aliens the gods they claim to be?

The need for Salvation. Why do people believe they need to be saved?

The end of religion. When religion comes to an end, who will man worship and who will save man?

The idea that man needs a saviour implies that there is something wrong with man. Is man inherently evil or good? The problem with salvation: When god saves us we become enslaved to that god. The god controls and manipulates us because we now owe him for his salvation

Everything is evolving. We come from the dust of the earth but we will ascend into the stars of heaven. We are not yet perfect but we are evolving into perfection. We are a working progress. The finished product is still to happen. We are destined to become gods: Apotheosis

23 June 2019
Theosophical Society Jhb