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TRUTHSEEKERS OPENING DAY PRETORIA ALL WELCOME NO CHARGE FOOD IS FREE… The truth seekers association is a place where alternative information is discussed. The subject matter is found on the fringe of normal, traditional acceptable knowledge. We endeavor to go beyond the norm and find the truth in the alternative realm. As far as possible, we will use science to aid us in our discovery of the truth but we are also open to the possibility that that science we uphold today is flawed. The list below, is the most common subjects that we discuss in our groups: The existence of extraterrestrial life (ufos / aliens / government concealment etc.)Conspiracy theories (secret societies/ black ops/ the illuminati / Rothchilds / government control etc.)Food and health (GMOs / chem trails/ H.A.R.P. / alternate healing therapies etc.)Nature (back to nature projects/ communication with dolphins and other animals/ meditation/ mother earth etc.) Mind altering chemicals (Ayahuasca plant/ cannabis/ magic mushrooms / holistic medicine etc.)Alternate universes and realities (the matrix / computer generated reality / holographic universe / the flat earth model / middle earth / spiritual realms and dimensions etc.) Renewable energy sources (Tesla inventions / alternative energies / thrive etc.) Advanced technologies and sciences (artificial intelligence / hybrid creatures / super soldiers / etc

9 September 2023
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